Today, we explored the Burgundy area, including a day trip to Beaune. There, we visited the Hôtel-Dieu, a former hospital that was in use all the way up until 1971! Beaune is a beautiful town with an old world feeling not commonly found in the States. During free time, some kids buried their faces in a crêpe, other bought some souvenirs, and a few of the adults did a wine tasting.

We returned to Dijon, directly to our venue for our second concert. This was a shared concert with a local choir, Allegria. Again, our concert went very well, and it was made extra special because we sang two songs as a combined choir. We weren’t made aware of it beforehand, but our hosts prepared a small reception for our adults and a few of the performers.

Then, it was onto another group dinner! Some salad, some chicken, some pomme frites, some cassis (blackcurrant) sorbet. Tomorrow—PARIS!


Hôtel-Dieu in Beaune

The village of Beaune

Wine tasting

Just before our performance in Dijon

Combined choirs, under the direction of Brice Martin, Director of Allegria