Good fortune allowed us to add in an impromptu four-hour detour to Geneva, Switzerland. SWITZERLAND! Upon arrival, we had a quick walk about the lakefront to see the Jet d’Eau (the world’s tallest fountain in the world), then onto Cathedrale Saint-Pierre Genève, then a bit of free time for lunch and shopping. Speaking of shopping, it seems everyone in our group bought one of two things (or both), personalized Swiss army knives or Läderach chocolate. After the obligatory 20-minute stop at the loo, we met up again with our driver Guy to continue our journey back into France and onto Dijon. 


We arrived into Dijon in the late afternoon, had a quick check-in to the hotel, then we were whisked off to dinner at a local restaurant. We had some local specialities, such as jambon persillé, or ham with parsley, and a very traditional dish of bœuf bourgignon. Several of the kids tried their first escargot, and the response was generally positive, but hey, you could make my shoe taste good with enough butter and garlic... 


Crossing the Swiss/French border

Group photo in front of Lac Léman and the Jet d'Or.

Thomas treating himself to a new Swiss-made watch