We left the country of France (for the day) to visit the sovereign state of Monaco, probably most well known for it’s luxury lifestyle and association with Grace Kelly and Prince Ranier. We stopped by the medieval village of Eze on the way, both to climb to the top to see the view (boo, bad weather), and to visit the Fragonard parfumerie to see how their fragrances are made. 

We then continued on to Monaco to meet Guillaume again and visit the Musée Oceanographique, the palace, and the district of Monte Carlo, including the Monte Carlo Casino. We saw a Bugatti Veyron on our way (a car worth $2.5 million), and plenty of Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Bentleys. We saw a Porsche, but it looked like a Toyota Camry compared to the other luxury automobiles parked at the front of the valet station There was a bit of free time this afternoon to explore Monaco/Monte Carlo. A few of the adults wagered their life savings (all $10) on a game of roulette, and most of the kids just wandered around, soaking in the the abundant displays of flamboyant wealth.

Our first performance in France was this evening, at St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Monte Carlo. The kids did GREAT! Seriously, the performance was wonderful, even though it was about 142ºF inside the church. After the performance, our gracious and generous hosts put on a lovely buffet dinner spread for us. 

So far, it’s been a wonderful first couple of days. The kids have been  great about punctuality, safety, and looking out for one another. Our Tour Manager, Ian Graham, is a pun-master, and we’re keeping a running count, which is currently at 34. We’ve had a few minor issues with fatigue, jet lag, and dehydration, but everyone seems to be almost completely adjusted. 


Testing our noses at the Fragonard parfumerie

A top the village of Eze

The multi-million dollar Bugatti Veyron we spotted

The facade of the famous Monte Carlo Casino

Our first performance!

The post-concert reception/dinner