Bon jour from France!

If you been keeping up with us on Twitter and Facebook, you'll already know most of this, but in case you aren't, here's the recap of our first two days of the trip.

Check in at LAX took a bit (2 hours), but was relatively smooth (just a minor ticketing hiccup or two). The pain was the FOUR HOUR delay we experienced on the ground at JFK while we waited for an engine part to get serviced and replaced. All in all, it was a good travel day with no major issues.

Once we arrived at the Nice airport and collected our bags (no lost bags!), we bussed over to the small medieval town of Tourrettes for a brief look around. Our hotel rooms were ready for us shortly after that, so after a quick shower and breather, we walked to our first dinner together in France.

So far, so good! Everyone is doing well except for a few mild cases of fatigue (not out of the ordinary), but we're trying to keep everyone hydrated and conscious of their health. 

Pictures uploaded!

Enjoying some Shake Shake at JFK Airport 

After collecting all our bags (no lost bags!)

Here's the whole group in Tourrettes, doing a little sight seeing before our hotel rooms were ready