The group enjoyed an entirely free morning today, followed by a 4pm concert at La Madeleine. We had a bit of free time between the concert and dinner, so we did a bit of shopping around Place de la Madeleine. After, we went to our final group dinner, then waited nearly TWO HOURS for our coach bus to pick us up after dinner. All in all, however, it was a WONDERFUL trip. Day 12 was a travel day, so this is the last post of the tour. If I can, I'll post the slideshow of the trip! Thank you everyone for helping to make an amazing tour experience!

Preparing for our final concert

Please excuse the scaffolding...

Look who we ran into in Paris!

Au revoir, Paris! Until next time!



No, not the college in Indiana, but the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris! We had our informal performance at Notre Dame this morning, which was one of the highlights of the trip. We followed our performance with a visit to Versailles and the château there. We returned to Paris in the later afternoon for a few moments around the Opera house, followed by a group dinner.

Preparing to enter Notre Dame Cathedral

Rehearsing the choir loft

Our organist, Didier

Long Beach Performance Tour Choir performing in Notre Dame de Paris, at the main altar, under the Rose Window


(I'm playing catch-up now that I have a reliable internet connection)

Driving to Paris! It wasn’t too early of a morning, but most of us were excited to be up and ready to head for Paris. We had a brief lunch break in Fontainebleau, including (for some) a quick tour of the Chateau. It was about mid afternoon by the time we got to Paris, where we found many of the kids’ parents/families waiting to say hello. A quick dinner, then our cruise along the Seine. Welcome to the City of Lights!

In front of the Chateau at Fontainbleau

After our boat cruise


Ok, so day 9. I'm writing in past tense now, as it has been over two weeks since we've returned from France. We started day 9 with a guided sightseeing tour with a local guide who showed us a few the big sights--Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Invalides, etc. The afternoon was free to explore Paris independently, be it a museum, a gastronomy walking tour, or people watching. Then, a dinner of steak frites!

The group (well, most of it) in front of the Arc de Triomphe

...and then the group in front of the Eiffel Tower

Sampling chocolates, caramels, and kouign-amann at Georges Larnicol

Butter--a full shelf of different kinds of butter!


Today, we explored the Burgundy area, including a day trip to Beaune. There, we visited the Hôtel-Dieu, a former hospital that was in use all the way up until 1971! Beaune is a beautiful town with an old world feeling not commonly found in the States. During free time, some kids buried their faces in a crêpe, other bought some souvenirs, and a few of the adults did a wine tasting.

We returned to Dijon, directly to our venue for our second concert. This was a shared concert with a local choir, Allegria. Again, our concert went very well, and it was made extra special because we sang two songs as a combined choir. We weren’t made aware of it beforehand, but our hosts prepared a small reception for our adults and a few of the performers.

Then, it was onto another group dinner! Some salad, some chicken, some pomme frites, some cassis (blackcurrant) sorbet. Tomorrow—PARIS!


Hôtel-Dieu in Beaune

The village of Beaune

Wine tasting

Just before our performance in Dijon

Combined choirs, under the direction of Brice Martin, Director of Allegria